Tragus Piercings: Highlights, Types and Care

For centuries, people have used various ways to express their personality and style through fashion accessories. Today one of the most popular trends is tragus piercing, which gives a special charm and makes you stand out from the crowd. 

The options of ideas and fashionable solutions for tragus piercings are numerous. From delicate gold earrings to extravagant silicone rings, everyone can find something that suits their needs. Every tiny accessory can be a powerful tool of self-expression and a reflection of your personality. 

Highlights of tragus piercings

Choice and procedure for the injection

Before proceeding to tragus piercing, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of the master and studio. Keep in mind that the experience and qualifications of the specialist play an important role in the successful completion of the procedure. It is also important to pay attention to the sterility of instruments and the use of quality jewelry. 

The tragus injection procedure is performed with a special needle or cannula. It is carried out through the cartilaginous tissue of the auricle, requiring special care and precision on the part of the craftsman. It is recommended to check with the master about the injection process, materials used and jewelry before the procedure is performed. 

Tragus piercing care

  • You should treat the piercing several times a day, using a sea salt solution or a special antiseptic. This will help prevent inflammation and infections. 
  • It is important not to touch the piercing with dirty hands or turn the jewelry for the first few weeks after the procedure to avoid trauma and delayed healing. 
  • You should not wear heavy or low-quality jewelry on your piercings to avoid negative effects on the tissue. 
  • It is recommended to avoid contact with chemicals, sunlight and dust during piercing healing to avoid disrupting the healing process and causing irritation. 

By following the above recommendations and seeking professional help, you can enjoy tragus piercings and show off its beauty and individuality with comfort and safety. 

History of tragus piercing

Ancient origin

The practice of tragus piercing has been known since antiquity and had deep symbolic and ritual meanings. Many ancient civilizations practiced tragus piercing, using it as a way to express status, religious and cultural beliefs. 

In different cultures, the piercing of the tragus was accompanied by various rituals and ceremonies. For example, in ancient Egypt, tragus piercing symbolized belonging to the upper classes and was obligatory for some estates. In ancient Greece and Rome, tragus piercings adorned heroes and warriors, giving them extra strength and courage. 

Modern realization

In modern culture, tragus piercings became popular in the late 20th century and still continue to attract many people today. It has become one of the symbols of contemporary youth subculture and individuality. Today, tragus piercings are available in a variety of options and styles, allowing everyone to choose a piece of jewelry that reflects their personality and style. 

However, despite modern trends, tragus piercings still retain their historical significance and symbolism. Each piercing and jewelry carries with it a piece of the past and tradition, making tragus piercings special and meaningful to its wearer. 

The choice of tragus piercing jewelry depends on each person's individual preferences and style. Some prefer the classic version with a stud or ring, while others prefer more original and non-standard jewelry, such as a spiral or a banana tree. It is important to consider not only the appearance of the jewelry, but also its quality to avoid irritation and infections.

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