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You matter. You deserve the best and damn it if you won't pass up a chance to join the club - for FREE! 
  • “These subscription boxes are amazing, got this as a gift for my wife last year. She's loved getting surprise earrings."
    • Richard Dorius

Cords Club Free

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Become a FREE member (yes, we said free!), or choose a different Cords Club membership and get a monthly cords club box + extra perks!
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Get an exclusive monthly discount code,  never miss a launch with exclusive Cords Club early access, get fun earrings, & more!
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Special discounts? Done! 
Early access to launches? Done!!
Extra love on your birthday? Done!!!

join the cords club family of 14,000+ 

As part of the club, you deserve to be treated like royalty. Let's just say you'll be glad to let us know some of your fav's 😘

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Got Questions About Being a Free Member? 

Email us at or text us at +1 (844) 939-0584 and we're happy to help answer any questions!

How will I receive my monthly discount code?

In order to receive your discount code, you need to be subscribed to emails and texts from us! If you haven't given us permission to send them to you, we can't send them to you.

If you believe you've already given both your information and permission, and still haven't received your code, please contact our support team so we can help resolve this issue for you.
How do I know when launches are happening?
We always hope that our subscribers LOVE their new jewelry, and most members do! If you receive a box that you're not 100% in love with, our earrings make great gifts for a friend. 

Unfortunately, we do not allow or accept Cords Club Box returns.
Do you have a subscription box?
We do! Well.. Kinda. It's complicated. Stay tuned!!! 
How can I be a participate in the Club, aside from getting my perks?
We're exploring in person meet ups and ways to connect together online to bring the Club together in more ways.

How would you like to participate? Fill out this anonymous survey and let us know!
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