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Studs of the Month Box
Studs of the Month Box
Studs of the Month Box
Studs of the Month Box
Studs of the Month Box
Studs of the Month Box
Studs of the Month Box
Studs of the Month Box




24/7 WEAR





24/7 WEAR


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This box is a must have for any flat back stud lover!

Each month you will receive a pair of unreleased Cords Club's flat back studs earrings. 

Yes, you read that right. After subscribing, each month you're guaranteed to receive a pair of flat back studs that has not yet been released! See below for more details including additional perks. 

Hurry and sign up fast before your spot is taken!


As always, our flat back studs are hypoallergenic, won't tarnish or turn your skin green, and are super cute! 

  • Implant Grade Titanium (ASTM F-136)
  • 18 gauge thickness
  • Select either 6mm (standard) or 8mm posts for your studs!
  • Choose between Titanium (darker silver color) or 18k Gold PVD plated Titanium (gold)!
  • Back disks/shapes of the posts will range in diameter between 3mm and 4mm.

Oh, and don't forget that all products are always backed by a 365 Day Product Guarantee


Additional Box Subscriber Perks:
#1 Each month receive your own VIP discount code for 15% off ANYTHING 
#2 Early notifications to launches and new collection drops


After you checkout, our amazing Cords Club team will scramble to get your first box packed up with lots of love and out the door within 4 business days! 

Then, your subscription will renew on the same day each month! You can easily self-manage your subscription to pause or cancel via your Cords Club Member account (login to view your portal) 

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 Deliver every month

4 Reasons Why You Need Cords Club's

Flat Back Studs

In your life

Need a few more reasons?

  • Fast Shipping
    Get your orders ASAP. Our in-house shipping team packs all orders quickly & efficiently within 1-2 business days! 
  • 365 Day Warranty
    We stand by every Cords Club product’s durability & quality. Try risk free, today!
  • New Styles Monthly
    We work hard to design new, unique styles that will keep your ears looking their best!
  • Top-Tier Customer Service
    Have questions? Our amazing in-house customer service team is ready to answer them! 

With over 250,000 flat back stud earrings in the ears of happy customers, don't just trust us!

Megan L.

Verified Customer

I cannot express how much I love these. They
are so incredibly cute. They do get caughtin my
hair sometimes but haven’t even come close to
getting pulled out of my ear like a normalearring
would have. If you’re thinking about buying this
earring, do it.

Nicolette M.

Verified Customer

I absolutely love these earrings they are so
comfortable and they fit just perfect. I don’t
have to worry about the back of my ear getting
stabbed anymore while I sleep, I love how
communicative the company is, and I love their
products they’re very high-quality and

Emily S.

Verified Customer

I’ve been wearing these ever since I got them
in the mail a week ago! They are so comfortable
that I’ve slept in them, showered, and worked
out while wearing them with no problem! My
ears are super sensitive, but I have had no issue
with these titanium studs! Plus I love the flat

Shelby M.

Verified Customer

This was not my first flat back stud, but it was
my first from this company! I have no issue
gettingthese earrings in and they are so
comfortable to wear.It perfectly fits in with
the rest of my ear stack. I can’t wait to purchase
some more

Nicole B.

Verified Customer

I love these and how petite they are. I have
had0 issues with them getting caught in my
hair. Iwill be ordering more designs! I have
suuuper sensitiveears and these have been
perfect with no irritation! 10/10 recommend!

Get yours before they sell out!

This stud has sold out twice so far in 2024!


Flat back stud earrings sold individually

Cords Club

V.s. Others

Cords Club


Push-Pin Flat Backs

Piercing safe for ultimate comfort!!!

Skin-tearing screw-back studs (ouch)

Hypoallergenic Materials

No tarnishing & sensitive skin friendly!!!

Cheapest materials available

365 Day Product Warranty

Full product confidence & support after purchase!!!

No warranty
(you're left alone)

In-House Shipping

Quality checks & fast shipping!!!

Outsourced shipping
(no quality control & slow shipping)

In-House Customer Service

Fast & friendly team to support you!!!


(copy/paste canned responses)

New Styles For Every Occasion

New & cute styles released frequently!!!

Dropshipping Only Basics

(no new styles)

How to Put on

Flat Back Stud Earrings

TLDR; it's super easy, and we're here for you if you have any questions!

  • Normal
  • With Applicator Tool (optional)

Step 1

Put the back of your flat back earring into your piercing from behind your ear.

Step 2

Gently push the back of your earring forward with your non-dominant hand so that the earring post is easier to see. Use your dominant hand to put the decorative front piece (the one with a tiny pin on it) into the tube of the back of the earring.

Step 3

Perform a gentle test tug to make sure that your stud is secure. Do this by gripping the front and back of the earring and gently pulling in opposite directions. A gentle tug shouldn’t remove your earring. If it feels loose, you may need to secure your stud. 

Reach out to our support team so we can send easy instructions to follow, if needed.

Step 4

Once your stud is securely fastened, enjoy your new favorite earring! Our flat back studs are guaranteed to be the comfiest earrings you’ve ever worn- for talking on the phone, sleeping, wearing headphones, hugging a friend, etc. You deserve earrings that don’t poke you!

Step 1

Insert the applicator into your piercing from the front of your piercing.

Step 2

From the back, put your flat back earring back onto the applicator.

Step 3

Put one finger on the back of your earring back. Push your flat back earring back and applicator forward so that your earring back is now through the piercing.

Step 4

Remove the applicator from your earring back. Keep one finger on the back of your earring so that it doesn’t fall out.

Step 5

Put the decorative front piece of your flat back earring into the tube of the back of your earring.

Step 6

Give the front and back of your stud a gentle tug to make sure that your earring is secure. A gentle tug shouldn’t remove your earring. If it feels loose, you may need to secure your stud. Reach out to our support team so we can send easy instructions to follow, if needed.

Need help?

We're here for YOU!

Email the amazing Cords Club customer service team at 

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help!

1. I'm new to flat backs. What is the most important thing for me to know?

The first thing you'll want to learn is how to keep your Flat Backs nice and secure. Just like you'd tie your running shoes to make sure they stay on your feet for a run, you'll need to adjust your Flat Backs to keep them in place, too!

But don't worry! It's an easy peasy process, and we'll help you through the learning curve. <3

Here are a few resources to get you started:

* Review the Flat Back tips and tricks info guide included with your order
* Check out this helpful playlist of how-to videos
* Connect with our customer service team for personalized help 

2. What size are the flat back earrings?

Cords Club's Flat Backs are 18 gauge and come with a 6mm long Flat Back post.

A 6mm post is a great length for most people, so we d recommend starting there!
We do also have a range of other sizes available and sold separately. If you have questions about sizing, we'd love to help!

3. Are your flat backs sold individually? Or in pairs?

Our Flat Backs are sold individually, so make sure to add 2 to your cart if you'd like a pair! However, the Studs of the Month box comes with a pair each month.

4. Do I need to buy the flat back applicator, too?

Our Flat Back Applicator is a great tool but it's not necessary! The Flat Back Applicator is designed to help make the process of changing your flat backs faster and easier, but you can definitely change your earrings without one. The choice is totally up to you! 

More questions? 

Email us at or chat with us via the pink icon in the bottom right of your screen!